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The bride wanted some beef jerky

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Seldom does she specify exactly what she wants, but she said I was to make it just like I did last time. Oops! Other than the cure, I seldom measure when making beef jerky.

I sliced up a 4 pound eye or round into round disks so the bite will be across the grain

Mixed up my marinade, added a shot of whiskey, measured my cure, and then dumped everything over into the vacuum tumbler.

After tumbling for an hour, I laid all of the pieces into the MES and set the temp at 130 to dry for a couple of hours.

After 2 hours of dry time, I added a mix of hickory and mesquite pellets and let the smoke go for around 3 hours. Dried overnight at 150 and she's now a happy girl! 4 pounds of raw resulted in just over 1.5 pounds of jerky.

I have some Thai jerky marinating and should smoke tomorrow.
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I'll take some jerky please! Looks tasty!icon14.gif
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Looks tasty!
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Looks good on this end...   I'd eat it... 

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I'm not a big fan of jerky.


BUT yours looks very good!


I'd sure give it a try!


Nice job Charlie!!



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Good stuff buddy! point! B

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Looks like a pile of tasty to me.



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Awesome CB ! icon14.gif
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Nice looking Jerky there CB   -----    nPoints



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CB, Good looking stuff!

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I gotta try this!!!
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