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Brisket done ... guest delayed

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So I'm a guy who often has issues with having my smoked meat done when I expect it to be.  This time I'm all over it .. do the calc .. 8lb brisket should be 12 hrs .. get started early and .. ya .. two things .. first nevef had a brisket come to temp as quick .. was having problems keeping heat way down but anyway .. .. now hear from guests and they will be delayed ... so best way to re-heat  abrisket and keep some semblance of goodness? 

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Wrap it in foil, then a towel and stick it in an empty cooler. Should hold for at least four hours.
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Not only will it hold just fine, but will get even more tender. Suggest you go ahead and cut some off to eat now. I would rather go through Chinese water torture than smell cooked brisket I couldn't eat yahoo.gif
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I took a brisket off last night at 11:00 pm, wrapped it in foil, and then a blanket, stuck it in my igloo ice chest, closed it up and let it rest all night. At 6:30 this morning, it was still hot enough that I had to use gloves to take it out of the blanket.

Very tender and extremely moist.
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A 170 degree oven will keep it warm wrapped in foil with some juice.

I have been doing it this way lately. It just seems easier than the cooler.

And it will stay hot until you turn off the oven.



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Me being a smart ass - guests late? Call your smokin meat forum "family"  That will never happen again.


Seriously, good to know you can wrap a brisket and it will keep warm and safe.

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So this is really "reply to all" ... 


So I did the foil , beach towel wrap / cooler .. always do that anyway .. for that "let it sit time"  .. then sliced and put it in a crock pot on low .. OK .. so maybe not all of it made it into the crock but hey .. a cook needs to sample right? .. to "correct the seasoning" ... 


anyway .. it really came out good and from 8lbs I had a couple decent sandwiches left so I guees the guests were happy ...


Thanks to all for their ideas ...  

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