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Smoked Hot Wings and Football

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Had to get in the spirit and tackle my first smoked chicken wings. Picked up 3 packs the other day, 18 total. Brined them overnight in salt and brown sugar.

This morning rinsed them off and seasoned them with Ploughboys Yardbird BBQ rub and back in fridge for about 5 hours.

Got the smoker ready at 225 with Pecan and Apple. Injected the wings with a mixture of a melted stick of butter, 1/2 cup Frank's wing sauce and a Tbs of brown sugar.

Added a bit more seasoning after the injection and put them in the smoker for 2 hours.

Once they hit 160 I pulled them one tray at a time and put them on the grill for a minute or so on each side to crisp up the skin.

They turned out amazing, my wife really approved which was very important! They were juicy, flavorful and the skin was crispy!

I'll definitely be doing more wings in the future.
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Great looking wings!  I have to do wings when my wife is out of town or I smoke something for her too.  She's not a wing fan and I am.  My mouth is watering Bummed.  Must be time for wings!  

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Great job on the wings!


They look fantastic!





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Awesome wings.  My family loves em! b

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Tasty looking wings!
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Wings look great!
I smoke my wings and crisp them on the gasser also.
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Thanks guys, yea I'm glad I put them on the grill for a bit. They got a nice bubbling action and raised the temp just a bit to make them crispy and juicy!

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