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Gameday Shoulder

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First weekend of College Football calls for low and slow. Put the shoulder on at 2:00 am shooting for a 5:30 Southern Miss kickoff.

Rubbed up yesterday afternoon.

Loaded the PG500 with apple at 2:00 am.

6:45 looking good

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Yes it is looking good!


Great start!



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12 hours in. Stalled at 158

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Nice! Nice!

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Off the smoker and resting up.

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They look very nice and flavorful!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks, it ended up with great flavor and very moist
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Who says a pellet grill won't make a smoke ring or moist food.

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Did you catch the dripping from the meat?
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Nope smoked on the rack the entire time, no wrapping. Use to use a pan, but started getting lazy and most of the drippings were fat.

The last pic has a bit of JJ's finishing sauce, for flavor but plenty juicy without it.
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