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Memphis Elite

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Hello, I thought I would right a brief history of my 3 1/2 months with my new Memphis Elite. I really could not be happier, it has worked out great. I have cooked pizza, cookies, breads, fried fish with dutch oven, briskets, steaks , chicken, sausages, fish, it has did a pretty good job with everything. I have noticed to be careful with either the searing burner, or smoker solid burner, with the searing burner it is easy to burn things that I should have taken that particular burner off and replaced it with the solid burner. It holds temperatures really, really well. It heats up nice and quick and maintenance is really simple. I am hoping in our Montana winters to be able to use the Memphis, though probably not quite as

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That's great!


Now you need to show us it in action!



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I am not that great at filming, I did shoot a video of grilling steaks out on Christmas day, not the best, steaks turned out excellent, It was near 0 here in Montana and I fired up the Memphis and in about 12 minutes it was at 565 degrees with the sear plate in the grill, I thought that was pretty impressive for outside pellet grill this time of year. I have not used it as an oven this winter yet, I will though.

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I have an Elite as well here in MN.  I use it year round and have no issues with heat loss in the winter.  This thing is amazing, so versatile.  I love making pizza on it, I use a pizza steel.   Happy Q-ing!  

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​It makes great pizza! I used it the other day with my dutch oven to fry some battered halibut up, It was DAMN cold, Memphis did great, keeping oil hot, even though I had the door open quiet a bit, hardest part was keeping my hands warm from having battered fingers and watching the fish so it was done properly.

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