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Found Tri Tip locally at Kroger, Richardson, TX

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I was really surprised that my Kroger (on Coit Road in Richardson [N. Dallas]) actually carried Tri Tips. I asked the real meat man and he took to me right to the Tri Tips on the shelves. I asked if they always carry it and he told generally yes. However if I don't see any, get one of the older cutters and they will know what a real Tri Tips is. And, they will cut one for me. From the various pictures publish on here I can say for sure it was indeed, real Tri Tip. Today they were, $6#, I think. But he told me last week those types of meats were on special for 50% off!!! 


Now that I know they are readily available I can wait. Maybe will go on sale again too!! I am having knee replacement surgery tomorrow so it will be a while before I will need them but i"m very anoxious to fix one. I am lusting over the pictures posted of the final results much like a teenage boy might lust over a Penthouse Magazine! 


You might try asking one of the older store butchers if he can cut Tri Tips for you.... Younger one's might not have a clue.

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Good luck with the surgery and rehab! In the meantime enjoy.....biggrin.gif

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Yep... That sure looks good!!



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DW, I have found that a lot of Kroger's carry them. I have also seen some cryovac (pre-seasoned) ones at Sam's Club (today actually). WinCo Foods (nearest one to you is probably in Garland) generally carries some that are nicely cut. When I first started making tri-tips, it was a coarse sea-salt only rub and prepared on a direct heat grill until about med-rare...delicious!!

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I get tri tips in Florida, but I have to order them from our local grocer.


They very seldom have them in the meat case.



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HEB in new Braunfels has tri tips all the time. You can't go Wong with that for a good roast beef.(rare is what I like) . Better of both worlds. looks like you got it going on .. Good job.congratulation_graphics_2.gif

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