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Variation on a recipe

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I just wanted to let all know that I combined several ideas I found here on SmokingMeat successfully. 


I pre-cut 3 racks of Baby Back Ribs. Then I mixed a combination of maple syrup and mustard for the sticky base. I dipped each rib into the liquid base and then coated it with Jeff's Dry Rub.  I placed the ribs on the Bradley Smoker racks and smoked for 2 hours. 


When I got to the braising part I put the ribs in a foil pan and poured in a bottle of wild blueberry beer. I covered and put it into the oven for two hours. 


For the final hour I put in some of Jeff's BBQ sauce and mixed the ribs to coat them with the sauce and then returned them to the smoker for an hour. 


Absolutely perfect!!!!!


Thanks Jeff for all of your great suggestions. 

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Just curious why did you put the foiled ribs in the oven? If you already had the smoker running why not put them back in the smoker? Especially since you put them back in the smoker to finish.

This always baffles me...
My mind
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I put them in the oven in order to free up the smoker for other stuff I put into it, and I find I can hold the temp a little steadier.  However, you can put them back into the smoker if you want. 


At the end I give them just a little more smoke. 

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