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Boneless Pork Butt

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Second time with this...


Here's the before Q View


More when it's done.  In a fit of insanity, I started this at 4:30pm this afternoon.  Guess who's going to be checking every hour or so tonight...


Smoker's sitting right at 225 - Butt is at 151 right now and may be in the middle of the stall...

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So far so good!  It's about 3 AM your time as I type this.  Should be getting close to being done!

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Looks good so far!



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Ok, about 6am here...Pork is slowing rising in's at 169 right now.  I kicked the smoker temp up a little bit because I got $#!T to do today. :)  I'd rather not finish in the oven, but will if I have to.



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I'm in.

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Kicked the temp up to 266...butt is at 187 right now.   Leaving it in for another 20 minutes, then I'll wrap it in foil shove it in a cooler until I can get back to it.  I think it'll be fine. :)

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Just an FYI, it got to about 189 and I had to pull it from the smoker.  I wrapped in foil, threw it in a cooler, and left for the day to do my work.  I came back around 4:30 to do the actual pulling of the pork. It was still almost hot (very warm).  It pulled amazingly easy and was very juicy.  Good eats for dinner tonight!


No Q-View of that because I forgot...I think I could take a pic of the pulled outcome...I'll do that when I prepare dinner tonight.



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Final Q-View

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Originally Posted by Kurt Boutin View Post

Final Q-View
I'd take a bun full of that!
Next time try cooking a little hotter? 240 or 250. It'll get done quicker and the stall won't last so long. You'll still want to wrap in a cooler for an hour or so to make it pull perfect...
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