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My try at tri-tip

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Always a bit nervous trying something new. With the help of y'all, I seem to have knack at this smoking thing.

Seasoned with SPOG + paprika

Smoked to 140° IT with hickory, as I have kids who don't do med-rare. Then seared just for a bit for char.

Plated with collard greens and baked or sweet potatoes for personal preference.

Lessons learned:
1) I can back off on salt a bit. Very good but I reduce sodium every chance I get.
2) every smoke I do, the family enjoys red meat even more.
3) I'm pretty damn good at this
4) couldn't do half of this without the forum posts from all of you.
5) WSM kicks ass
Thanks to all and happy smoking!
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Tasty looking Tri tip. Nice smoke!
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Tasty looking TT! If you cook two you can cook to multiple persons preferred doneness the small for the kids the large for me I mean you.biggrin.gif My daughter is 5 and only eats a little so I give her a slice or two of the tail end. I recently bought a used kettle and rotisserie for it and it's great for TT.
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Nice looking TT Chad, good job!

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Your tri tip looks great Chad!


Nice job!



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I broke the handle off the weber.. cheap ass tack welds. Guess I have a project for this weekend! Can't complain was free
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Good looking smoke, Chad!



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