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Wings on the mini

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So this was supposed to be cooked Saturday afternoon. I mixed up a batch of creole butter and injected the wings about 3:30 Saturday afternoon. Since I'm using my mini and only need 6 briquettes lit, I tried a new homemade chimney out of a tin can. It didn't work. By 5:00 I realized there was no way I could the charcoal going in time to cook and make it to work on time so I wrapped the wings up tight and left them in the fridge. Sunday afternoon I tried again only this time with a regular chimney starter. Life went much better. Since this is the first time I've ever used creole butter I have no idea if the day of rest changed things but these were AMAZING. Juiciest wings I've ever had. I need to try these with some hot sauce in the mix.

Injected and ready to go.

Flipped halfway through.

And plated. The corn was picked, shucked, and cooked in less then 15 minutes. Chips and salsa are homemade by a co-worker.
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Looks delicious!


That's a great looking meal!


I've been injecting creole butter in just about everything lately!


Nice job!



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Looks tasty!

You should look into using the side light method. Fill your charcoal basket full add smoke wood. Light with torch. You'll be at temp in less than 10 minutes. When your smoke is done shut all vents to snuff the fire. Next smoke shake the ash off the charcoal, dump ash from base add new charcoal to old. Light.
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Oh yeah here's what you need to try to kick thing up
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Thanks Al. It was an amazing meal and one I'm going to do many more times.

Case, thank you for the advice. Unfortunately with my Mini not being a normal mini in that I used a Char-Broil grill instead of Weber, I don't have vents in the right spot to use the side light. If I use my normal chimney and light things the way I'm supposed to, it really doesn't take that long for everything to be ready, I just had to try building a better mouse trap. I'm going to keep playing because I can't help myself, but the normal chimney really is fine.

As far as adding some spice, that's the thread that got me interested in injecting to begin with, I just didn't have any hot sauce of any kind at the house. I'm not a fan of the vinegar flavor so most hot sauces are wasted on me, but I think some fire water might go well and add the heat I need.
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Tasty looking wings,I need to remember I have some Tony C's to try.
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Originally Posted by dirtsailor2003 View Post

If that's the case here ya go

PERFECT!!! That's exactly what i was looking for.

B, these were AMAZING and would have been great with some Tony's.
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