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My first real smoke

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This was my first real smoke. I picked up some beef roast on sale. So yesterday I rubbed in some garlic salt and salt and pepper and injected some beef broth and let it set over night. Today we wanted to have it for dinner so I started it about 10am and let it get to 200 rubbed the bbq rub on it.

I have a electric brinkman that I just got and built a pid controller to control the temp. Set the pid at 205 and it held real nice at 200.

Used the digital temp to watch it. It cooked for 6 hours and internal temp came to 145 so I took it out and foil wrapped it and let it sit for 20 minutes, the smell was killing me and the family lol.


Sliced it up for roast beef sandwiches and it was wonderful. Only thing is wife sliced it with the grain instead of across it but was still wonderful.

yes I ate that whole plate, LOL

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Great first smoke!  I'll take a plate just like yours!  points1.png



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Great job on your first smoke!


Can't wait to see what you come up with next!



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Terrific looking beef and way better than my first smoke!



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It was very good. This weekend I'm going to smoke some pork cushion meat. Making my mouth water already.

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gosh that looks great and might just be on the menu here next week ( already have monday cook in the fridge)congrats on a great  looking meal

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Points for the first smoke, and welcome to the addiction!

Need help, have questions? We have MANY years of experience on this forum, jump in and ask and share!

Looking forward to more from you!
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