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A whole weekend to myself!

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The bride has her sister's bachelorette party this weekend. She just left so that means it's a whole weekend of me-time!

It's a beautiful day out so why not play two....

A pair of butts (16.32#) will keep the freezer full for a while.

Out of the cryopack, time for a quick rinse

Rubbed down and resting while the smoker gets fired up

WSM primed with KBB and three pretty big cherry splits

Getting the coals rolling, 3/4 of a chimney

While the WSM was warming up, the bacon I smoked in the MES overnight was done

Butts into the smoker, dry water pan

See you back here around 165°, stay tuned!
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I'm in. The bacon looks good. Now for the butts........

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Sounds like the perfect start to a great weekend!!



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Almost 12 hours in they hit 202° & 203° respectively. Since the cook was moving along pretty good I decided not to foil. The WSM ran pretty much in between 260-275°. I like cooking in that range to get things finished in a reasonable amount of time.

Butts are foiled for about a 2 hour nap.

More pics after I pull it....
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