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New smokehouse build! Need help!

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So I'm fairly knew to smoking meats but really have a passion for it! I've been dedicating all my time and money on building a smokehouse! I live at around 10,000 feet in elevation where there is not much humidity. Cool times take longer, less oxygen etc. I know this isn't going to be a walk in the park but I really want to have a really good smoker! I'm kinda lost at this point on where to go with this project. I need a good insulation for the inside which I will cover with aluminum or stainless steal. I also was which would be a good propane burner for the size of my house? It's 4 by 4 by 6. Outside made by inch and a quarter ash! The only reason I want to go heavy duty is its get down to negative 20 where I live with sustaining winds at 70 in dead winter. Any ideas will be appreciated[IMG]
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Welcome to the forum!  That looks like a really great smoke house!  Hopefully someone with experience will chime in.  I'm sure there's lots of info on the site to help.  Try the search magnifier glass for smokehouse builds.



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