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Smoked Maple BBQ Spatchcocked Chicken

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This was another first for me, first full chicken and spatchcocked. I took this off Jeff's recipe. I got a heck of deal and couldn't pass it up.

First I spatchcocked it and brined it overnight in water, kosher salt and dark brown sugar. I definitely need to get some good shears.

Took it out in the morning and rinsed it off and let it air dry in the fridge for a couple hours. Applied the pure maple syrup and sprinkled it with bourbon brown sugar seasoning.

Got the smoker ready at 250 and filled the chip tray with Maple and a bit of Pecan.

Let it smoke for an hour and put my new iGrill2 to use, 1 in the breast and 1 in the thigh. Applied my first basting of maple syrup and spice. It ended up taking 4 hours but it was so worth it.

Pictures really don't show just how juicy it was. Can't wait to have leftovers!
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Nice work, great lookin bird!

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Nice bird. I spatch 99% of the whole birds I smoke.
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Looks great! If you try brining I put a quarter cup of syrup in brine once it came threw on the chicken really well.
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Great looking chicken!


It looks delicious!





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Looks awesome. Great job
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Thanks guys, I am really lovin' this smoking thang!

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Had some leftover chicken so I made up some Publix Buffalo Chicken Dip, it was amazing!



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