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New guy in AZ

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Not new here, been lurking for sometime. I'm getting into more and more complicated things and interested in learning more about cured meats and curing chambers; salamis, pepperoni ect. I've read lots on building curing chambers lately. I have a GMG right now but am looking into building a brick outdoor pit at a new house. I can lots of things, and make a hobby out of doing things the long/hard way. I try not to ever dump anything out of a bag or box. I like to see things all the way through. I hunt quite often and process a few game animals a year.

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Welcome to the site sounds like your a fellow hunter and a seasoned smoker thats great.
I am sure if you look around and ask the right questions in the right place you will get your answers our at least someone to point you in the wright direction.
Welcome from papa t Michigan
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to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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