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Bb ribs cut into 3rds.

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I'm cooking 9 racks of bb for a hunting camp meeting so I'm going to cut the racks into 3rds. Should this be done before I smoke them or after they are done being cooked.

Or would it be better to smoke them all whole then cut up into individual bones?

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If you have the room, I would leave them whole because they look way cooler when you bring in whole racks of ribs and cut them up for guests.  

If you don't have room - cut them up in 1/3 racks.  

They will be fine either way.

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Lenny.........are you thinking cutting the racks "between" the bones or "lengthwise"?

I have cut both spares and babies lengthwise many times to us as little finger foods at

parties and BBQ's. Smoke them as normal and then cut between to bones to serve.



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I would leave them whole, and cut between the bones after smoking.


They get too well done easily when cut in smaller pieces, because the meat gets heat from all directions, instead of just mainly from the top & bottom.




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IMHO either way is fine done both all tasted like ribs. For some fun I like to slice single bones,rub them,bacon wrap,add more rub and smoke until the bacon is done.

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I agree with Bear, cut after smoking.


Because you know how the end ribs are never as good as the middle ones.



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