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Landjaeger Sticks

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Using up some PS Seasoning LJ mix. This is 2.5 lbs. Cure #1. I have too much dry cure going right now


Made this jig so i can get even lengths. Jig is marked for 6-8 & 10"


Stuffed into 19mm smoked collagen. 





Going with some Sassafras smoke. Was going to press flat but decided not to.

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Nice sticks!!,,,, I usually put down meat wrapping paper and mark with a sharpie for my lengths,,, Great Idea on you jig!! I am sure it will come in handy..



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Looks great!

I have a cutting board that I have marked for different lengths. Works great!
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N, They look good !

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Nice job Rick!


They look great!



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Same as the Garlic sticks, i peel the casings off for my friends.









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Nice! - More sticks is good sticks!


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Great looking sticks and great idea for the jig!  

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