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Masterbuilt 30 Pro comment

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Was doing some spare ribs and my 15 mo. old MES 30 Pro just stopped working mid-smoke yesterday. Man was I disappointed as this was my first venture into electric smokers.


Found the Masterbuilt number and called mid afternoon today and gave up after 55 straight minutes on hold, finally succumbing to leaving my number for call back. My expectations for a call back were low. To my surprise they called back an hour later and promised to send me a new controller despite being out of warranty. Kudos to Masterbuilt customer service!


She did tell me that option 2 is if the controller does not fix my unit I will be allowed to purchase a new unit at a substantial discount. I didn't ask what the discounted price would be but they were more than fair with me:-)

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Masterbuilt has come through for many folks...  says a lot about their dedication to their customers....

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