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Aged ribeyes! - Page 2

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Looks incredible ST, let us know how they taste!  Points on that one!

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Surely look fine. I have not done the dry aged thing yet. I need to learn more about the process from all you guys here on SMF.



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Well, How'd they taste??


Was this from a Choice or Prime Rib Roast? FANTASTIC Marbling there!

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I guess that's something I need to add to the bucket list, I've never had dry aged ribeyes. They look amazing!
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They were great, did have that good aged flavor you get from aging, did not have the funky take you get from aging too long. My take home from this go around is 45 days from packaging is good. Basing time in my fridge off 45 less package date. I used prime grade Angus. Have done good looking choice as well before and loved it also.
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It's just hard to beat a Rib eye!  Awesome!

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