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Aged ribeyes!

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Cutting my 30 day dry aged ribeyes!
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ST, They look delicious !

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Have you tried them yet? They look nice!
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They look great Shawn!


Next time you may want to age them longer, most go 40-45 days.


Either way you won't want a regular steak after eating one of your aged ones.



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They were already 18 days old/package date. I put them in the fridge above Pink Himalayan salt blocks, just above freezing, with a couple of fridge fans, for 30 days. Have done this with 4 whole ribeyes to date(I only do one at a time. So no expert by any means). For my wife and I 45 days dry in my fridge the last time the taste was just a tiny bit funky. This time was the first time I paid any attention to package date. So my thought process here was 45 days total aging from package date, which ment about 30 dry in my fridge. Cut them up last night and have not tried them yet, we ate our homemade brats. Will see how these taste tonight.
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Those look so good.
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Going to be tasty! Paying attention to the package date or kill date is important when aging meat.
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Looks great.. I have to do this..

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They look great!



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Wow, that's amazingly awesome.
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what types of fans did you use and where did you purchase them. What was the RH in your fridge ??? they look awesome i have been wanting to do this for a while. any info would be appreciated.

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Oh yeah--gonna be some good eating there.

POINTS!!! for a GREAT thought about the package date/aging time.

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Looks awesome!
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Its a beautiful thing Shawn! B

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Originally Posted by ShawnThomas View Post

OMG... That marbling is over the top

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Read about that, and wanna do. It was whole roast. Did you cut off any?

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Not sure how I missed this, but WOW! Looks like those will be melt in your mouth good with the marbling in there!
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