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Reverse flow welded in plate vs. Tuning plates

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OK I'm about to open up my 250 gallon tank and start my build. I'd like some input on a welded in reverse flow plate or tuning plates which I have been reading about? My plans are to also use one side of this double door smoker as a charcoal grill occasionally with a removable charcoal pan. The reverse flow plate seems pretty straight forward but I'm not familiar with the tuning plates. Will I have a good way to capture and remove grease with the adjustable tuning plates?
I'm planning on building a rib box/heating box on top of my firebox. Thinking about using dual exhaust pipes. One in the cooking chamber and one in the rib box and have them where you can completely close one or the other depending on if you are using rib box or not. I'd love some input from anyone who has tried this configuration.
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Is it mobile or stationary? 

If on a trailer you need  to mess around bolting each tuning plate in position or they will bouce around and end up in your firebox when going down the road..


What steel have you got?   Can you cut tuning plates out of offcuts laying around or do you need to spring for a reverse plate and get it bent?


Nothing sucks like cleaning the black grease and crud off tuning plates, it gets everywhere. ( TIP:  Don't do it on your driveway, use the neighbors).   

Exhuast set up sounds fine.

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Yes it will be on a trailer. I'm leaning towards the standard reverse flow plate with a 2" drain pipe and ball valve for grease drainage. Should I put the drain on the firebox end or the opposite end? I will put a 2" dam between the firebox and cooking chamber opening. Is 3/16" thick enough for the plate?
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You should weld it in place. Then angle the drain and plate away from the firebox a little and have the drain on the opposite end of the smoker from the fb.
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