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Temp Probe Location

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I have a MES 2.5 BT 30" which I love however I feel like the temp is way off. I have a ThermoPro 2 probe thermometer and the meat temp seems to be close to the built in one however the 2nd probe is reading 30 degrees higher than what my MES is set to (225 vs 255)


Where should I put the probe so I get the most consistent reading? 



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I have the same smoker and it seems to be off about the same as yours. I always put the probe on the second rack from the bottom. This is also where I put my food. I use this rack and if there's more food I'll use the next up and so on. I only use the very bottom rack when the smoker is full. But I've also noticed that the temp gets closer after several hours. So like when I'm doing ribs, I'll set the smoker to 200, and my Mavericks will read 230. However when I'm doing a butt or a brisket, after 8 hours or so the Mavericks will read lower and match the smoker probe. So I'll bump up the temp 5 to 10 degrees at a time until they match, and my temp can be kept pretty steady where I want it.
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I am making a Pork Butt right now, have my AMNPS on the bottom rack, foil pan to catch drippings on 2nd rack and meat on the 3rd rack. I put the temp probe on the bottom rack on the right using the clip that came with it. I think I may get a clothes pin next time so it is more secure. 


Do you just base your temp off of what your temp probe says?

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Masterbuilt Probes & controllers are notoriously inaccurate.

Go by your external therm & adjust the MES accordingly.

If you can I would put the probe on the same rack as the meat, if it will fit.

Or as close to it as possible.



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Update: I have been smoking for 3 hours now, MES has been set to 225 the whole time


My ThermoPro probe said temp was 20 degrees warmer for first 2 hours (245-255ish) but now has been hovering between 210-215. Would you recommend adjusting the MES up a few degrees to try to get the probe to be closer to 225? Could my probe location also be affecting the temp?



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At this point I think I would just leave the temp where it is.



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