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Failed Enamel on CI Dutch Oven

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Several years ago, I bought a 5 qt. DO at an HEB supermarket here in Texas. The cookware is sold under the Concinaware branding (which might be branding for the store; I don't know for sure.) Anyway, after years of use and a lot of cleaning of the the bottom, the enameling is flaking off. I won't use it in that condition lest we ingest enamel flakes, but I was wondering if I could use it as a cast iron DO if I blast off the remaining enamel inside. The outer enamel coating is in great shape. My concern is that there might be some noxious element used in the process of enameling CI that could remain in the CI pores after removing the enamel.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I'd appreciate your thoughts and comments.

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Thats a vey good question. I have a similar DO, that I inherited, but it only has minor flaking on the outside. Inside is still in pretty good condition.


My only suggestion would be to shoot off an email to the mfr. But on the other hand, as recent revelations have shown, overseas mfr.s have a tendency to tell you pretty much anything.

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You might reseason it using Flax seed oil...  FSO creates a hard surface that seals the cast iron....   takes 5-6 seasonings to get that hard glazed polymerized finish.....


A needle gun might get done what you want done also...   the enamel coating is usually a glass type coating...   take pics of whatever you do so others can learn also....

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Believe it or not sandblasting will not remove the enamel coating. You can get through the color but not the enamel itself.
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