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here we go again folks

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3 lb top roast with smoked apple wood seasonings wrapped in maple flavored bacon and cooking with cherry/maple and ( i like to mix it up lol) and a tiny tiny bit of hickory chips. And if that was not enough to kill you how about beans with the left over bacon yummyyy.



Also we just butchered an American guinea hog and I had a pound of sausage and made a couple big meatballs lol. i will let you know how it all turns out












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well it all turned out good and was so moist and juicy i could cut it with a fork. the beans were awesome and the sausage balls were not as juicy as the beef but was pretty good.











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That meat looks awesome! 

Just like I like mine.  Rare to medium rare.


What temps did you do it at?

And, was it done in smoker (looks like it was), or on a grill?

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Small stick burning offset smoker that I mounted on an old gas grill frame. It is sturdier and moves around better.

Temp control is hard with with this little smoker. I suppose if I ever master this little wood burning setup I can cook with anything lol. But temps range in the 250-300 range.

If I open up anymore they get up in the 400-450 range and if I shut it down any more the damn thing pretty much goes out on me

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I tried putting a burner from an old turkey fryer in the firebox but it kept going out and I was afraid of blowing it up so I stuck with wood lol.
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Everything looks delicious!


Great job!



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Looks like a tasty smoke!
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I would love a plate of that for dinner, amazing good.

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Great looking meal!
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300* is good for beef.  400 to 450*?  good grief!  Only way I can get my offset up that high is to use coals right in the cooking chamber.

Great for grilling and searing, but you're right it sucks for smoking.


Nice use of old gas grill frame to mount your unit on.  Thinking outside of the box again, weren't you?

That meat looks great!    2thumbs.gif

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Thank you and yes I'm always thinking of things to do with or put on my cooker lol. I Took the left over meat and cut it up then added onions and peppers and had it with spaghetti squash for dinner. It was very yummy
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