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A friend threw a rib-off! Video inside!

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So a few weeks ago a buddy threw his 3rd annual rib-off.  Complete with a trophy and everything!   There were 7 cooks in total cooking either 2 or 3 racks of baby backs.  Everyone who attended got to vote for their favorite.  


Let me tell you, there wasn't a bad rack of ribs out there.  All different styles.  Lots of weber kettles, a couple electric smokers, and I brought along my WSM.  There was a range from completely fall off the bone to some with a nice bite.  Flavor profiles ranged from standard rubs, to root beer barbecue sauces, to honey and apple butters being slathered all over the racks.  It was awesome.  I came in 4th with 7 votes, and 3rd through 1st had 8,9, and 10 votes accordingly.  I was hoping to have the trophy next to my fantasy football trophy from last season!  


I'm hoping my friend (and his wife) puts up with the pain of throwing this bash every year because it's a perfect excuse to wear my meat is muder, tasty tasty murder shirt and cook up some awesome ribs with some awesome people. 


You can see my racks getting sauced at 1:15, and then sliced at 1:50


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Looks like a great time. icon14.gif
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Now that looks like a fun time, win or loose.


Congrats on the 4th, your ribs looked like winners to me!



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Fun time by all, some great ribs being cooked there. Nice

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Looks like fun, kinda makes wish I had some friends.
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Things like that are a lot of fun! I too hope it becomes a tradition, things like that tend to only get better as the years go by.
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