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New Smoker - Masterbuild

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I am from Southwestern Ontario and I'm a newbie to smoking meat.  Just got mine seasoned.  It is a beginner level (I believe).  Masterbuild two-door propane.  I plan to smoke, mostly, domestic rabbit which I raise.  I will certainly try beef, fish and pork.  Anyone have any tips for smoking rabbit ?  Thanks in advance !!

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Lots of knowledge here on this site and you'll have a lot of fun in the world of smoking and BBQ.

This link was derived from a search, looks like a LOT of rabbit has been smoked here!

Please post pics of your creations!
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Thanks CrankyBuzzard for the directions.....I have two rabbits ready for the smoker tomorrow.  I will post the results.  Great to be welcomed so soon !!!!  Looking forward to more great tips and recipes.......  :-)  Carri

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I'm looking forward to seeing some smoked rabbit!

You may get more of a response in the general smoking area since a lot of folks don't frequent the roll call section.
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Hi Carri!




to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!


Looking forward to seeing some good smoked rabbit!



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