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Rub shakers

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Started saving my peanut jars, kept and extra lid drilled some holes and voila
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Great idea!
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The jars for grated "Parmesan" cheese work well for that, too. I use them for home-made herb or pepper seasonings.

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All of the Tones seasoning containers work well too.


I keep my rub in a mason jar, then just use a spoon to apply it.


It seems to stay fresher in the jar than in a Tones container.



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All the spice vendors always recommend glass for storing spices in a cool dark place. I have saved some of the plastic shaker jars like the Tones. I put my rub in those when I'm ready to apply. I have been buying Oak Ridge BBQ rubs lately. Superb product. Theirs comes in a high quality resealable vacuum pouch. When I'm ready to use it I will pour what I need into one of my smaller glass spice jars if I don't need much or a larger plastic Tones shaker when I am doing a larger quantity.


Oak Ridge also sells a nice stainless steel dredge that has just the right size holes that distributes their rubs very consistently and evenly. But it doesn't have a way to close off the holes so if you leave your spices in their they will go stale. I just return whats unused back to the resealable pouch when I'm finished.

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I prefer storage in glass.


My recommendation is canning jars.  If you can get the quart sized ones with handles even better.


You can drill a bunch of holes in one lid for applying to the meat and cover it with a regular lid before screwing the ring back on (both lids under ring) to seal and store.



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Just thought I would update. I purchased some of these silicone lids that will fit over glass jars or the stainless steel dredges. They fit snugly and provide a excellent seal to maintain freshness. A little spendy but worth the price. Good product.



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Thanks for the link. Now I can get rid of my "custom" tin foil covers on my dredge shakers. I keep SPOG in one of them and my basic rub in an airtight plastic container in the freezer.
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