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First smoke a success!

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First run of ribs went really well. Completely forgot to take pics of the final product, newbie mistake! Went with a store bought rub and sauce, mainly just to learn temps and times. Overall really happy with the MES30 unit and looking forward to another smoke session!
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Congrats on a successful cook!!
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That's great!





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Second run turned out pretty nice. Chicken legs were pretty awesome but the baked potatoes didn't get quite done, will definitely wrap next time. Legs were half dry rubbed and the other have were basted with honey mustard. Wife, mom, and kids all loved it. Cheers to a smokey Sunday!
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The chicken looks great!

Instead of trying to bake potatoes in the smoker, bake them (or micro) then make twice baked with the second half in the smoker. You can add anything you like to the mix then toss them into the smoker for some flavor. 

Keep in mind, if everything in your meal comes out of the smoker, it can be overpowering. Best to smoke the protein and one side at the most, then balance with some non-smoked sides.

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Congrats on your ribs
We all have forgotten to take pictures sometimes

Papa t
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Chicken look great
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Fortunately we did have some standard cold sides so it wasn't a total loss by any means. I think next time I'll finish the taters in the smoker with the cheese and bacon on them. I've always been a big griller but this smoking thing is addictive!!!
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