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Muffin Pan Chicken

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Hello,  I have been doing Mixon's muffin pan chicken except that its a mini loaf pan that works really well for thighs.  His recipe calls for 300 smoker temp 1.5 hours skin side down, then 45 minutes skin side up, return to smoker for 30 minutes.  I have been noticing that within an hour or so my chicken temp is already pushing 150-160.  I would like to pull them at 165 but the skin is not the perfect bite through.  Does that seem right that it would cook that fast?  I have tried running the WSM down around the 225 range and that adds to the cooking time, but then again the skin does not have the bite through.  I am prepping to try for a competition so thats the only reason the skin issue is important to me.  Otherwise the flavor is right on!  Anyone else done this method or have any advice on this?  I have tried reading and learning anything I can about the coveted bite through skin. Thank you!



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Using the wrong pan may be the problem.  The muffin pan gives you more heat surrounding the skin, and less fat drippings for the skins to be bathing in.  


As for temp, length of time may be the cause of problem for your skin issues.  Thighs can take going above 165 so do a test run just focusing on the skin.  Do you air dry your skin in the fridge before your cook?  A good overnight uncovered in the fridge will help dry the skin out and help with crispiness.

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Thanks for the reply, I will do that just focusing on the skin only and see how it goes.  I don't mind the practice!  I think that around 175 done temp would be fine too for texture.  Here is the pan that I am using.    I drilled three holes in the bottom of each cup.  wonder if maybe its draining off all the fats possibly and not allowing it to crisp up?  Might have to try one without holes too.  But Mixon does have holes in his pan though.  images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRobu5irWXsDehLbIp6y90_wCcgQi_XPxcLOep5mSqaCH9qO-kB

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