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Seasoning a brisket?

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Planning on smoking a brisket tomorrow, I tried one last year and it was ok, Just  salt and pepper  to keep it simple. After doing some research, I think I am more confused than ever. Should I inject, wet rub, dry rub, marinade, or just keep things simple .

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Salt and Pepper! It really is all you need. Let the brisket and smoke do the talking. I've tried both ways and I prefer rubbing it the night before as opposed to the morning of. Good luck and happy hunting!
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Keep it simple i just put a generous anount of spog on it and wrap it in plastic wrap and into the fridge for the night. And when i say spog i mean salt (i use kosher),pepper,onion powder,and gralic powder. I usually do 2 tbs of each
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I agree with the others keep it simple,get more adventurous when you have a few more off the smoker and can tell the differences and if you think they helped or not.
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I agree that simpler is better. I've used Jeff's rub and can say nothing is wrong with it, but I prefer spog with hot paprika added. Don't go wild with the paprika. Equal parts of the 5 ingredients is good. I also like to rub a bit EVOO or veg oil on to help the rub stick without really affecting taste.
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I used to do it simple too, but wanted to try something different the last time. Which btw was yesterday ( thread coming up soon ).


This time I injected it with Creole butter & used my pork rub on it.


This was by far the best brisket I have ever smoked.


I suggest trying it different ways until you find your own best way.



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Thanks for all the great info! It's 5:30 am here and just got the brisket on, holding nice at about 245*.I did go simple again, just salt and pepper, a 13 lb brisket up here cost $105,so I decided not to experiment to much untill I get this perfect. Now to get some baked beans ready, going to try some turkey stock I made from a smoke a while ago.Will get some pictures and maybe get your opinions on where I can improve.
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