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Good morning fellow Michigander's

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Hello from harrietta Michigan
Thanks for the invite
Looking forward to meeting some new fellow smokers from mi
My latest project was my first smoked bacon and it is pretty tasty
Heres a couple pictures
Papa t.

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Welcome papa t


Bacon in a Maytag.... who would've thought.  :)

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Thanks for the welcome
Ya you should try smoking in your Maytag (lmao) it's awesome.
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So tell me about your Maytag smoker. How did Maytag get in the photo?  rofl.gif


I have done bacon yet, but plan to this fall if I can find a source for pork belly's.

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It just jumped up in the air while i snapped the picture lol it was just what i put the pan on to let the bacon come to room temperature before putting in the fridge.
If you have a Gordon's food by you they will order pork belly for you or any other kind of meat. There not cheap 3.49 a pound up here in no mans land but that is skinned and bones out. There is a restaurant depot in the down river area that carries them i am told also. If i can be of any help let me know. I just put a sweet and spicy slab in to cure yesterday plus a maple syrup brown sugar,and a paprika and whit sugar and brown sugar mix, and one of whats pictured. My boys are married and live down state so i am going to send it overnight to them as a surprise for them and the grandchildren of course. Nice to chat with ya.
Papa t
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Your kids will love ya!


Thanks for the tip.  I have a couple of GFS near me.  One 15 miles east and one 20+ miles west.  I will check with them.

We used buy a side of pig from our daughter, but she got divorced, and now that it out.  That pig, kept the pigs.  LOL


I always requested the butcher to leave the bacon non-sliced.  They would cure and smoke it, but then I would smoke it again.  It was awesome stuff.  I miss those pigs.  And it was cheap too.  She gave us the meat, and all we had to do was pay for was the processing cost. 

( About $100.00  or so, for a half a pig, butchered and cut up for us).


So now if I can get some pork side belly's from GFS or a butcher house, I will try my hand at making it from fresh to cured to smoked.


Did you dry cure, or brine cure it?  It looks great!


Now... do you think a Whirlpool will do the same good job, as your Maytag? 

Can't wait for my wife to ask why smoke coming out from the laundry room.  LOL

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:yahoo:I used a dry cure much shorter time to cure and flavor profile is better in my opinion
I used 1/3 cup sea salt course,1/3 cup white sugar,1/3cup Brown sugar and two teaspoons of pink cure salt mixed together rubbed on both sides equally and vacuum package it and put it in the fridge at 38degrees very important to keep it between 38 and40 degrees and rub it every day and flip over package for 5 days this was a 5 3/4 pound piece then rinsed off well with cold water and pat dry put in fridge for 3 hours or overnight till it gets sticky this is when i put on the black pepper or garlic powder then smoke it for a couple of hours then turn up the heat till 200 and smoke till the it is 150 take out let come to room temperature then put it in a bag and put in fridge for overnight to chill cut eat that simple lol.
To bad you lost your pig connection but it seems he was a ass lol.
If you are ever in Detroit go to thorn Apple valley ether the slaughter house or the storage plant . The slaughterhouse is on Fredrick in Detroit and storage is on st. Albin st. In Hamtramck
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I'm kind of leaning towards the dry cure when I try bacon.  Maybe I'll split a slab and do both, dry and wet brine, cures to see for myself, which I like better.  Time it so I can smoke them both at same time to keep the comparison consistent.


I love good maple bacon, and I'm thinking it would be easier to get that flavor with the dry cure using maple syrup instead of brown sugar, rather than the wet brine.  And of course maple wood to smoke with.

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