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Competition ribs

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Well I decided to try my hand at BBQ comps this year. Have really been working hard on my recipes, techniques, and cooking times. Of course the family loves to So I like to trim the ribs, oil them and put the rub on, then wrap in cooking film for two hours in fridge. Then after pit is up to temp take racks out reapply rub and put on for 2 hrs at 275. I spritz every 30 min with Apple juice. Then wrap after 2 hrs. Pull off after 4 and sauce return to pit for 5 to 10 min let sauce set in

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Those are some good looking ribs!


Looks like the family is happy!



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Great looking ribs and looks like the judges agree!!!

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i wish they were my judges at comps

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Nice ribs! Once you wrap them do you leave them on smoker for 2 hrs?
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Perfect looking ribs, some nice bone showing. I wished you lived in my neighborhood, I could come over and judge for you... :biggrin:

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Yes after I wrap they go on for two more hours. 4 hrs total cook
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