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Feel ripped off now paying a £1.00
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Has anyone received their IR thermometer yet?

We'd like to know how you feel about it. I was given one by Darling Daughter for Fathers' Day. It works beautifully and was under $20US but that doesn't hold a candle to the deal you blokes got.
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James you were ripped off too - they had gone down to 73p last night. I was going to order another couple but Joyce (always the voice of reason!) asked what was I going to do with 3 - let alone 5? I didn't really have a good answer so I resisted hitting the buy now button...

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Wade!  Buddy!  At that price it is almost cheaper to throw it away rather than replace the battery!  BUT!  Don't mess with Joyce!  It ain't worth it buddy!  I believe the response we married men should use is: "yes dear".  Keep Smokin!


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Had a look they came up at £4.00
Any bbq festivals on this week end
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send us a link please
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Gone up to £4.50 now.

Will PM you a link.
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There is another seller selling them for 73p


Just click on "35 new from £0.73" - see image below




You'll arrive at this page



Though how anyone can supply a thermometer and ship it from China to the UK for 73p is beyond me



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Hmm - Ordered over 3 weeks ago and they haven't arrived yet !

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Originally Posted by Wade View Post

Hmm - Ordered over 3 weeks ago and they haven't arrived yet !

To be fair, they do have to come from China and most likely with the cheapest postage they can use, it wouldn't suprise me if they were sent surface mail so could easily be in excess of 6 weeks.

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I checked my order this morning and they are already en route to be delivered in a couple of weeks which will make it 1 month, definitely a slow boat from china!

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You I think being the first to order from on here I should confirm they are not here yet, but will confirm as soon as the therms arrive
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Not got mine yet either.
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They're probably sitting on the many Hanjin container ships that are floating around, or at anchor, near many ports and docks that they cannot get in to. Hanjin filed bankruptcy a few days ago and the ports aren't letting them in since they can't pay the fees.

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As I think one of the first to order on here mine were due early last week. Still not here.

Not overly upset but wouldn't mind knowing if they will ever turn up...
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No sign of them here yet either

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No sign of mine either!
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Dear Customer,
I am out of the office for vacation.
The estimated delivery time is 7-30 days,if delivery time expired,please contact Amazon for full refund,we'll contact you next Monday
Best regards.
For Your Information: To help arbitrate disputes and preserve trust and safety, we retain all messages buyers and sellers send through Amazon.co.uk. This includes your response to the message below. For your protection we recommend that you only communicate with buyers and sellers using this method.

Important: Amazon.co.uk's A-to-z Guarantee only covers third-party purchases paid for through our Amazon Payments system via our Shopping Cart or 1-Click. Our Guarantee does not cover any payments that occur off Amazon.co.uk including wire transfers, money orders, cash, check, or off-site credit card transactions. We want you to buy with confidence whenever you purchase products on Amazon.co.uk. Learn more about Safe Online Shopping (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=11081621) and our safe buying guarantee (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=3149571).

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LOL - I wonder how much money they managed to get in the end from mugs like us :-)

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I've had stuff that I've bought on eBay from China take take well over 2 months to arrive. I don't think enough time has elapsed yet to completely give up on them arriving. Is there any sort of cut off time on getting a refund from Amazon?

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