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Sounds hectic for sure, been there!! But, from the sound if it your in good shape! Off of work, having fun, with some great food on the way!

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Wouldn't you know it, I forgot to take pitchers of the final product. Everyone showed up and we got busy and pictures were the last thing on my mind. The beans were AMAZING. The butt wasn't my best but still good. I thought it had a slight harsh smoke flavor, but then again I inhaled a ton of harsh smoke early on before I ever even placed the meat in the smoker and that's all I've tasted since. Everyone else thought was great. The sausage was left on a little long but was still good and will great in the morning in a sweet potato hash. Fresh sweet corn is always a good choice and my dad made fresh bread rolls in the Dutch oven. All in all it was a great time and I have leftovers for work tomorrow.
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Sounds like it it worked out great!! I am always my biggest critic as well but when everyone is smiling, it's all good!

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Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I finally realized today where some of the heavy flavor could have come from. I was using wood from a different apple tree. Not sure how much that will make a difference and I'm going to have to experiment with it in my old smokers to see but for now I have a theory and the only way to test it is with more smoking. Darn the bad luck.
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Hard to say. I did some pork spare ribs one time, doing everything pretty much the same and I thought that had a hint of bitterness. Everyone else thought they were fine but.. Who knows!

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