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Smoked Conch Cerviche/Salad

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Here is a smoked treat that you don't often see in seafood recipies or commercially retailed. Whole Conch (konk) smoked and sliced into a cerviche or salad . Goes with most beast feast fare and guests love it.
When prepared correctly it does not chew like a tennis ball and has a very mild sweet taste . I like to hot smoke at 190 in a MES using alder .
Simple: coat a light dust of your favorite rub each side and place into
Smoker rolling with alder smoke for 1.5 hours . You are flavoring not curing or cooking . Remove when a nice
Brown later starts showing cool in cooler or fridge. Slice thin with a fillet knife and mix your cerviche veggies and the all important fresh squezzed lime juice . Add the most important fresh cilantro generous measure and cool for a couple hours
In cooler or fridge. It will last a week in cool storage but never last more than a day at my place ....[IMG]

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DM60, Sounds very tasty!

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That sounds & looks really good!



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