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A friend right across the ridge owns 50 acres. Last year, he let a wood cutter drop a Hickory on his place for the firewood. The cutter left all the limbs and branches stacked up next to the stump. I went over there this mornin', loaded it in the truck and brought it home.


Another buddy of mine owns a big three cylinder diesel chipper. He's gonna chip all this up for me. This oughta' see me through a coupla' smokes, ya' reckon?


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Great score!


Why not load your truck up & come down for a visit.


I could sure use some good oak splits!



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My buddy with the chipper is comin' here this afternoon to chip up my wood for me. I think I'll do a Boston butt for him.

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Think this will last me a week or so?


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Jim, That sure is a lot of left over stuff from cutting 2" x 12" splits. Just sayin'. Being a stick burner, that's all I can ever see.
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