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My new reverse flow

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Hello, I just bought a new reverse flow from Cauble Custom Fabrication in Salisbury, NC. He does some amazing work. Got a few questions since I have never owned a reverse flow before.
1) How do I get even temps across the chamber?
2) What size wood do I need? Chunks or whole logs? Lump or charcoal briquettes?[IMG]
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nice smoker.. try reading this first...
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Nice smoker you got there...Enjoy!!
Reverse flow should run pretty even.
I usually just start my fire with a weed burner. Or you can add a fully lite chimney of charcoal/lump mix. And then add a couple splits about the diameter of a soda can size.
When your temps start dropping add one or 2 more splits.
There will be a slight learning curve with fire management.
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Ok thanks a lot. I've heard some people say lower the nose on a RF smoker and other say raise it. Which is it, or does it matter? I used to smoking on my large direct offset for many years but, this smoker is a whole new character.
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I prefer to cook with the nose up on my Lang because it allows the smoke to move through the chamber more efficiently.
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Nice looking rig!



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