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Garlic & Cheese Kielbasa

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Decided to make some Polish Sausage, and include my two favorite ingredients: garlic and cheese. Recipe is based off of Rytek Kutas' Polish sausage recipe and another I found somewhere on the Internet. Anyways thought I would share.

Cubed pork shoulder, for this, I used just under 10lbs.

Cubed old cheddar cheese...about 1/4" cubes. I can't find any high temp cheese around here in Ottawa, Canada, so I went with store bought. Which turned out just fine and the texture is great.

Stuffed and ready to sit overnight for smoking the next day. I prefer to stuff, and then leave to cure in the casing. Used 35mm hog.

Ready to roll in the smoker. And I'm ready to sit back and enjoy a wheat beer radler, as it has been so hot here all summer!

Poaching, to get the final temps up to 152 degrees. I find that I can better control the final temperatures in this way, and saves on some time.

Sitting out to bloom.

Final outcome.

Cross section. Cheese is runny in the pic above because I just went and sliced into it right away, but after sitting in the fridge overnight, it still held its shape, and didn't run out. Despite it being regular store bought cheese, it didn't become oily or greasy, and maintained a nice creamy texture, so I will definitely use store bought again. But I was very, very careful to mind the IT of the sausage which I think helped to make sure both the fat and cheese was maintained.

Overall, this turned out great, and I'm very pleased with the final result. Next time, I might add some cayenne for just a little extra punch.

Recipe: Garlic & Cheese Polish Sausage
(I've converted everything to weight based on 1kg (2.2lbs) of meat)

1.0 kg Pork Shoulder
2.5 g Prague Powder #1
18 g salt (kosher)
1.5 g sugar (regular or brown)
2 g ground black pepper
5 g garlic (fresh, minced)
2 g marjoram
4 g mustard seed
20 g soy protein powder (isolate)
5 g MSG (feel free to omit)
100 g of old cheddar cheese cubed (or whatever cheese you prefer)
100 ml ice water or ice chips

Cube pork into 1" strips, set aside in freezer until half frozen. Cube cheese into 1/4" pieces, set aside in fridge. Course grind pork shoulder. Add cure, and other dry ingredients into ice water, then add to pork and mix thoroughly for 5 mins. I add the cheese last, and mix a bit more to spread evenly throughout mixture.

Stuff into whatever sized casing you want - I used 35mm hog, which are a nice size, but there is no reason you could make these into a snack stick if you wanted. Set sausages in fridge overnight to cure.

Smoking. I used a cherry/hickory mix. 120 degrees for 1 hour to dry, no smoke. Then up to 130 degrees for 1 hour, then slowly bump up to 145-150 for the next two hours. Since I am finishing by poaching, I don't even care really what temp as long as I'm not running too hot. Once I like the color, I finish by poaching the sausage in a 160 degree water bath until Internal temp is 152 degrees.

Then into an ice bath or cold water shower to stop cooking, and leave to bloom for a couple of hours at room temp. I then move to the fridge overnight.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!


P.S. - While I was doing this, I also decided to make some cured salmon (gravlax) that I can't seem to do without. I can share my recipe if you want, but there are plenty of similar ones easily found on the Internet.

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Nice job!


Both the sausage & the lox look delicious!



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Tasty looking sausages,maybe some jalapeños in the next batch could give you your kick!
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Looks great from here! I'm with b-one, some jalapeños would work for you.

Make more soon!
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I think Jalapeños would be perfect.  Will give them a try. Thanks for the suggestion!



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Looks tasty nice smoke!
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Great looking job!Thanks for sharing ill be trying that!
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Looks great nice Job



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PM, Nice job, those babies look excellent !

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Nice sausage and great post deserves points!



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  That is the best looking Kielbasa I think I have ever seen. I am looking forward to making

a summer sausage that my Dad used to make. He gave me his old stuffer. he used to make

his "salami" with ,plus he gave me his recipe.

   I thank you for inspiring me to give it a try.




                                                                                             Happy Smokin

                                                                                               Smokin Sid

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