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Brisket help

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Hi, im new to smoking...anyone know if it is possible to develop bark on brisket after unwrapping post-crutch? Maybe pull and unwrap at 190 and put back on smoker tI'll 205? Or am I too late for good bark? Thanks!
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You should have developed good bark before wrapping.

If you like thick bark I wouldn't bother to wrap.

Or if your going to wrap it use butcher paper instead of foil, it will keep the bark from getting as soft.



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Thanks Al. Any thoughts on whether or not finishing it unwrapped will help develop color? Sounds like no?
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Yes it will give the bark a darker color & firm it up.



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Thanks - will give it a shot.
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Al is spot on!!
By any chance are you cooking with a water pan. That could hender you developing bark.
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Indeed I am....used cola and ACV. Just got to 190 and unwrapped/removed the pan/threw back on 225 smoker. Planning on attentively spritzing my way through the next 15 degrees....
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