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Juciest Turkey I Ever Ate

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I smoked a split turkey breast and a couple turkey legs today.It turned out great. The kids even loved it. Me and my wife have had deep fried turkeys, and turkeys cooked in the oven, but never a turkey as juicy as this one turned out.[IMG][IMG]

I made a 4.5 lb split breast with bone in, skin on. The turkey legs were 1.4 lb each, bone in, skin on.

I made a brine with 1/3 cup brown sugar, 2/3 cup salt. I put my turkey in the brine and put it for four hours. In the mean time I got my MES smoker going at 250 degrees with apple wood and hickory mixed. I used cherry coke zero in the water pan.

I made an herbed butter using 2 sticks of butter, 1/8 tsp garlic, 1/8 tsp parsley, 1/8 tsp oregano, 1/4 tsp sage, and a 2" stem of fresh rosemary. I added a small splash of lemon juice, and a small splash of water. I microwaved everything together for 2 minutes, and stirred it.

I removed my turkey from the brine and pated it dry with paper towels. (The finished product turned out a touch saltier than I like, so I might rinse everything, then pat it dry next time). I cut the neck skin off my breast to trim it. I opened a hole in the skin where the neck was, then separated the skin over the top of the breast, then poured some her bed butter inside. I did the same thing with 2 sides of the legs. I then brushed herb butter all over everything.

I put the breast in the smoker skin side up, rib side down. I put my legs on at the same time. I brushed herb butter on them each hour to half hour. I cooked the legs 5 hours 15 minutes to an internal temp of 170 degrees. The breast cooked 7 hours also to 170 degrees. I let the breast rest 30 minutes in foil, then an extra 20 minutes in foil and a towel. I reheated the legs half an hour once the breast finished, then put them in foil and a towel.

They turned out perfect really. They were seasoned well, and super juicy. I thought they had a little extra salt, but my wife and kids absolutely loved it.
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Sorry, I should've got a picture before we dug into it, lol.
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Looks great, try drying your poultry in the fridge uncovered overnite to dry the skin,also higher temps to crisp the skin 300 and up you can even do it in your oven or with the broiler.
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Nice job Jason!


It looks delicious!



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Tasty bird. You mention it was a bit salty. I don't think the brine did that, but I could be wrong. Was tour brine liquid if so how much liquid dos you add? Or did you dry brine?

One more question, the butter you used, salted or non-salted?
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I think I filled a 4 qt pot half full of water and made my brine out of that. I thought about using unsalted butter. I only want to remove a small amount of salt, but using unsalted butter might be a better way to do it.
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