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Rainy day "shiner"

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I wanted to do some back ribs, so I got a rack of what Kroger called back ribs:

Apparently these aren't high quality pieces (Crazy Moon says they call them "shiners" in NH). I'm cooking them anyway...
Coated them with a little of Jeff's Texas Rub and put them in the offset with Hickory at 12:30.

It's been raining here all day, but after 90 plus temps and dry for the last couple of weeks, the rain and lower temps actually is a welcome break! The smoker is under cover and so am I.

Since these bones don't have much meat on them I tossed in some bacon wrapped thighs and ABTs to make up for it.

Normally the smoker runs around 260 to 280, but with the rain it stayed around 220 to 250 for a nice slow smoke. I foiled the ribs at 3 hours and everything was done at 4:00.
Grilled some squash in the firebox.
The ribs actually are pretty tasty!

I'm in my dry garage now and the Smokey Mose household is doing buffet style tonight.

Thanks for looking, and Smoke On!
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Looks awesome Dan, I'm diggin those ABT too!


Nice job.


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I really want some beef ribs right now, and yours look great!
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Looks tasty,just need to buy more the next time!
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Looks bout like all the beef ribs here.


Looks great thou.

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The Beef ribs look good. Yes they are tasty but not much meat on them...JJ

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We get the same ribs here too, just have to make a bunch of them.


Yours look delicious!



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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

The Beef ribs look good. Yes they are tasty but not much meat on them...JJ
Hence the bacon wrapped thighs (on the plate with the ABTs)...

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Great looking smoke.



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