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Why can't salad taste this good?

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I've had the itch to try this bacon chipotle bbq sauce for a few months now.

Had a little extra time yesterday to mix some up along with our standby blackberry bbq sauce on some pork tenderloins. In head to head voting, it was two votes for each sauce amongst the four voters (youngest abstained!).

Having been out of town a lot lately and away from the grill, it was one of those meals where you don't get up from the table for a while because there's so much good food!

The 22 kettle setup with a couple of firebricks to go indirect.

Time to start the bacon bbq sauce. Couple of ends from a previous belly (next weekend I'll smoke the belly in my brand new Briner!).

Reverse seared, pulled off at 150 (would've preferred 145, but my better half has a different opinion!). Resting...



Have a great weekend everyone!
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Looks like you nailed it!

I agree, I too wish salad was as good as BBQ! drool.gif
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Well I have to say, even at 150 the tenderloin looks very juicy.


Nice job!



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Thanks, yep just the right amount of juiciness! Didn't brine or inject... sometimes when I brine poultry it almost seems a little too wet actually (some may cry heresy!). Not sure if others feel the same... my next turkey I may dry brine for something different.
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Looks tasty!
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Nice Job!  The tenderloin looks awesome!  points1.png



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