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Seasoning temps

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Finally out seasoning, I've had a stroke of luck which will be great when it comes to smoking... my OK Joe Highland is stuck at 250 for the last hour. However I don't see that doing much for seasoning, so I'm starting over. Question though, what temp do I shoot for in a 2 to 3 hour seasoning session?
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I would try to get it up into the 300 degree range. I would think if you add a couple of splits it would run it up to 300+, unless you lost your coal bed.



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What did you coat with? Like Al said, 300+ for a while will work well for you
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Thanks guys, I raged a little and dumped a qtr bag of charcoal on top. It's running at a steady 450... may have gone to far the other way.

I coated it with the cheapest Wal-Mart oil, happened to be 10w30.

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Sorry, couldn't resist, canola oil :-)
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Originally Posted by SmokeyJobe View Post

Sorry, couldn't resist, canola oil :-)

I like your sense of humor!

Sounds like you have it going on! Now, it's almost time to make something!
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10w30 is way to thick, gonna be a hot mess, need to back off to 5w20 at least, thin out the mix cooking oil will do fine.  


You have to be careful with high heat in the FB with the highlander, you can (because I did) burn off the paint on the outside of the FB.  But in my case it was because I had fire right up against the FB wall under the CC.  Got way to hot and burnt off the paint, quick shot of high temp paint after it cooled off, fixed it right up, but have learned to keep the fire away from the FB walls by a few inches since, haven't had any problems after that...I also coated the outside of the smoker too, then wiped it down when cooled.  I believe because I did that, I have never had any rust problems, and have had mine now for over 2 and 1/2 years, not one speck of rust anywhere.

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Thanks for the help guys, hope to be posting pics of a shoulder tomorrow.
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Guys, couple follow-up questions. So I was very fortunate in stabilizing a temp, they held steady both rind for about 1.5 hours. Conversely, I really struggled to raise the temp. I believe this was about managing available fuel because those dampers were wide open ;-).

So knowing that using charcoal I start to drop temps about 1.5hrs in, should I start adding more fuel at about the hour 10 min mark to avoid drops?

Also my adding technique was simply to knock the current coals together and set a handful of fresh guys right on top. All thoughts and recommendations are welcomed.
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