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Need Brisket Help

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I need help. 😀 I put a 6lb brisket flat in the smoker 2 hours ago at 229 degrees and it's already at 160. Does that seem normal? It's only 9:30 am. Was making for dinner 😀 Thx.
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It's possible to be at 160 already.

Are you sure about your smoker temp?

Also I would try to put the probe in a couple of places in the brisket to see if it reads the same.

But more than likely it will slow down and possibly stall in the next half hour or so & may stay in the 160-170 range for a couple of hours.



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Hey Al, thx so much for answering. I have tried the probe in a few places. I am hoping that it will stall. So, your words provide some comfort. :) Planning on putting it a cooler for a few hours. But that will get me to probably early afternoon. Guess I can re-heat in oven? Would you recommend I turn down the temp on the smoker?


Newbie mistake. Went to Costco and only saw the flat cut. Bought that instead of the whole brisket. Won't make that mistake again. :) Am guessing the flat cut is not as "moist?" Is that true?


Thx again.

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How's that brisket doing?  The connective fibers and fat breaking down during the smoking process, give you the moisture.  A flat can be very moist on its own.



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Thx, Mike! It took from 7:30-2:15 to get to 185. Have it in a cooler now. Man, that had me panicking how fast it went. It stalled at 170 for about 45 mins. I did lower temp to 215. So timing wise, it's a lot better off than I expected. Bark-wise it was pretty disappointing though. Rubbed a little oil before putting a whole jar of rub on it. The rub seemed to disintegrate. Last time I checked it, could barely tell I put a rub on. Lots to learn still!
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185 is pretty low to pull it off and rest.  I start probing mine at 195 and usually take it off between 200 and 205. When a probe goes in like butter, it's done.  



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Thx again Mike. I was going off The Smoker King's advice. It's been resting in foil in cooler for about 45 mins. Temp is 170. Should I put back in the smoker?
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Originally Posted by LearninginAZ View Post

Thx again Mike. I was going off The Smoker King's advice. It's been resting in foil in cooler for about 45 mins. Temp is 170. Should I put back in the smoker?
I would. Take it to at least 195...
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Firing up the smoker! Thx guys!
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I have taken a brisket off @ IT 185 before and it worked out fine after wrapping prob max IT approx 190

It was on the heat for 12.5 hrs though

I do normally take it off between 200-205 like the advice above. But the lower temp doesn't mean bad.

If you wrapped at IT 185 it wold go higher resting but that is lower end for finished brisket, again, not necessasarily bad.
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I also saw the flat question.

flats are the " better" piece of the brisket so going low and slow on me can produce beautiful meat.

You normally pay about $2.00 a $2.50 a pound more for a flat than you do for a whole brisket

E.g. Whole brisket $3.50/pd in my area and a flat $5.29/pd

Either way goodluck and please post picks of some sliced perfection.drool.gif
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Thanks everyone for all the valuable input.  I ended up putting the meat back on the smoker. It took about 90 mins for it to get back up to 185-190. I wanted to go to 200ish. But by that time, it needed to be time to eat (with company and all). I was pretty skeptical as to how it would turn out. But despite the meat having a greyish color and looking a little dry, it was not at all. Very tasty. Very tender. Now the question is...was it that extra cooking time that made it tender? Or the 90 mins in the cooler...Either way, it made me want to try again. My bark was there but soft. I had kept it in foil from 165 on. Any bark advice will be much appreciated. Thx again! See before and after photos below.


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The more longer it sits in foil, the softer the bark is going to be. I do not foil mine until after it is done and pulled off the smoker. Even at that, I like to use a covered foil pan. Briskets can stall for an hour or three hours, so you need to be flexible with the timing.

Practice practice practice..

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Thx, Pit4Brains! So, are you happy with the bark you get even in the foiled pan? I have tried that before but didn't get much that way either.

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I like to cook them all the way until they are done without foil or a pan. I use the pan to keep them warm while they rest or for transportation to someone's house or event..

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Sounds good. So, do you have any tips for getting good bark? Thx!

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Nice looking brisket!  points1.png  


I smoke my briskets between 225-250 until probe tender.  I don't wrap during the smoke, but I wrap in foil and towels and place in a cooler for a couple of hours prior to slicing.  I always have good bark


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Mike...I like. You wanna share your whole process? Love to hear. If not, I understand. Your bark looks great. Do you usually do a whole brisket or just the flat? Do you measure the meat temp throughout the smoke? When you say 225-250, I'm assuming that's your smoker temp...not the meat's final temp, right? Thx!

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That is a link to that brisket smoke.  I used Jeff's Texas rub for the first time, and smoked it on my WSM starting at midnight.  My smoker holds temp great between 225 and 250, and I have a Maverick 733 dual thermometer that monitors the smoker temp and the meat temp.  Once the brisket hits 190-195, I start probing for tenderness.  When the probe slides in like a hot knife through butter, I pull it off.  Wrap in foil and towels and place it in an ice chest to rest for a couple of hours.  I use the same process whether it's a flat or a whole packer.  



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Mike, thx again very much. That's very helpful. A few more questions for now, and then I'll leave you alone. :) 


- Before you apply your rub, do you wipe the meat with oil or anything else?

- Do you mop at all during the smoke?

- Do you add chips throughout the whole smoke? 


Can't wait to try again.


Thx again!

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