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Smoking bratwurst at 225F question

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I have always grilled/smoked brats on my 'traditional' offset smoker at higher temps (325F or so).  However - I also see a lot of posts where people smoke them at 225F.


Is the skin tough when smoked at 225F?


I will be using 'regular' Johnsonville brats if this makes a difference.

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I've never smoked sausages (indirect heat) at higher temps. I've grilled hot & fast, and smoked (indirect) low & slow. The most recent sausages I smoked were breakfast links, and even those casings had a nice snap. I find that hot & fast grilling produces the toughest casings, partially due to searing them, which also sears the meat just under the casing. As for higher indirect heat, I would think that at some point a tougher exterior texture would be the result, but not so much if you don't overcook them.


If higher temps work to your preference, then, roll with it, but, low & slow has worked fine for me in the past.




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That's a good question Eddie.


I always put brats on the grill with a chunk of oak on the coals.


Why not give it a try at the lower temp & let us know what you think.


I have a feeling they will come out tender even at the lower temp.



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They should be just fine.
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