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Fire Died Out

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Decided to do a Pork Butt overnite. Got the UDS up to temp at midnight went out at 6 am and the drum was sitting at 230 and
the butt was up to 160. Wrapped it and went back to bed for a bit.
Got back up at 9 and the UDS was down to 150 opened up another 3/4 port and shook the drum waited 15 min and it went down to 145.
So I had to tear the grates out, stir the basket 3/4 of the basket looked untouched, wasn't choked with ash, stirred it up and lit some more coals and its going again
Im working with Royal Oak lump in the red bag broke the big chunks up a bit o the basket packed nice.
Twice in the last year I have had this stuff basically flame out with plenty of fuel left theres enough fuel in there for a good 18 hours
why would it go out like that ?

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The only reason I can think of is not enough air flow.

But that doesn't really make sense since it was running well for 6 hours.

Hopefully someone with more UDS knowledge will be on with an answer.



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??? wet wood ???

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I thought that too Dave, but after 6 hours you would think any wood in the smoker would be dry .



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.....head-wall.gif.......    There ain't enough common sense in this old body to realize that....   You Floridians possess abnormally high amounts of common sense..

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