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first brisket !

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New to the forum but last weekend  i finally jumped to big boy  BBQ,  after doing just ribs and porkbutts  for ages  i did my first brisket!   Picked up  this 13 pound brisket  trimmed  most of the fat off it  to 1/4  of an inch. Also  squared it up a bit  then rubbed it with 50/50 kosher salt and coarse ground pepper,  cooked it on my offset  for about 11 1/2 hours at about 275-285 degrees using just white oak. Wrapped it in butcher paper  about 7 1/2 hours in  pulled it off  around 195 internal temp   cause it felt  super  tender when i picked it up, boy was it tasty  so moist  and juicy  cant wait to  do another one 

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Looks like a tasty brisky!icon14.gif
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Nice job CKS, it's great when a plan comes together isn't it? Keep up the good work!


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Thanks guys yeah did lots of "homework" studying on doing a good brisket learned a ton for the next one can't wait !!
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Nice.. it only gets better..

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That's a great looking brisket!


Point for a successful first try!



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