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First Bacon Attempt

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So this will be my first attempt at bacon with pops brine (lo-salt).  The pictures are at 14 days in the cure after rinse and drying. I just popped them back in the fridge to form the pellicle and will smoke them Sunday.   Now I do have a few questions:


1.)  I was a bit concerned as I cut a little bit of fat off of one and noticed how red/pink the meat was still.  I thought it was supposed to be grayish all the way through?  Can anyone help me out?  

2.) Also, who cold smokes vs hot smokes?  Temps are supposed to be in the 80s and I did notice pops hot smokes.  What I cant figure out is what temp he uses.  Plan to use the AMPNS.  Do I need to worry about 40-140?  

3.)  When do you add your spices?  Just before smoking or before the pellicle forms?



Thanks everyone!

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#1.   Its suppost to be red/pink in the middle.  That means its cured.  The grey outside is cause it was exposed to the oxygen in the water.


#2  You don't need to worry about the 40-140.   Its cured.   I cold smoke and warm smoke.   When warm smoking I never go over 120 smoker temp.


#3  I add spices before forming a pellicle so the seasoning stays on.

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Looks like you're well on the way to some good bacon. You can cold smoke until you get the desired color. Slice and cook it like store bought bacon. 

To make it look really cool, hang it on a couple of bent skewers.. Here's some I did a few year ago...



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Well pulled it out of the fridge today and gave it 5 hours of cold smoke of maple (100 on MES30 with AMPNS). Sliced off a pie e and it wasn't bad. Definitely cut a piece too thick flute my liking. Planning to fridge it overnight and slice it up tomorrow.
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Forgot to attach a qview

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Looks fine to me.. Points

Waiting for the sliced pics.

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Sliced it up today and fried a couple pieces. Wish I could slice a little thinner but I'm pleased with the result. As you can see two pieces really didn't have any fat and looked more like Canadian bacon then belly bacon. Thanks for all the help!
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