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Major Smokage

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I putting on one three pound shoulder and six one to two pound tri-tips for a party. Do I aggregate the weights for smoke time? Should I be up during the meteor (meatier) shower at four in the am to have the meat ready to pull by one pm?

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You take the largest piece of meat & go by that.

In this case it's the 3 lb. shoulder. So if you figure approx. 2 hours per pound, then your looking at 6 hours for the shoulder.

If the shoulder gets done early you can foil it & put it in a 170 degree oven. It will stay hot until your ready to pull it & eat.

The tri tips probably will only take 2-3 hours.

If you put the shoulder on at 7:00AM & the tri tips on around 10:00-10:30AM you should be fine

The shoulder needs to get to about 205 IT for pulling, but the tri tips only need to get to 145.

I saw your other thread & you said these were pork tri tips. I've never heard of them before, but I'm assuming they would cook like a loin.


Good luck!



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Thank you!

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