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Turkey breast

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While I will read up from our collection of bbq books on smoking a turkey breast, I am looking for any tips.


We purchased a whole bone-in turkey breast and have cut it in 1/2 as that will be sufficient for  the 3 of us.[NOTE TO SELF; Ask the butcher to do this next time], I am looking for tips. We will brine it first.

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I usually just brine my turkey breasts and season with salt & pepper. Smoke @ 300 to IT 165 degrees then let rest.
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Turkey breast is a great choice for sammies.


Here's one I did a while back.


Hope this helps!



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When I pulled the meat after 3 3/4 hours (1/2 breast) it registered 178. I put it in for 10 minutes and it registered 165 and same after another 10 minutes.  I finally pulled the meat and it was done if not slightly overdone.  Got new batteries for temperature probe as it may be acting up.

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